Polish countryside in the Carpathians. Odrzykoń. My hometown, the place of lovely youth, people I grew up with and the best food have ever eaten. It may change over time, and I may come and go but it will always be there, right where I left it. That is why it will always be a part of me and a great brick in the story I have been building so far. That is why I am always happy to share some boring, lazy days in Odrzykoń with people who are important to me, making sure they enjoy it too.

I definetely cannot miss my camera during a break in Poland. But  I guess it is my vacay mood that everytime makes me forget about a memory card or a battery charger or both making my camera useless. I am always happy having my mobile camera in a pocket 😎 And these few photos I have taken right after the new battery charger arrived. Two days before we left 🙂