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YOLO... and what you have left are memories. But no memory survives the time. Be prepared.

No matter how precious you may find them, memories tend to weaken over years and vanish. Your memory is a leaky bucket. You may be sure it is never gonna get empty, but... some water will drip or overflow. For good. Fortunately, unlike all memory's drawbacks, forgetting can be prevented and even undone. There are more buckets.


No matter how precious you may find them, memories tend to weaken over years and vanish.


Little moments are your perfect "extra bucket".

These mini documentary shoots (containing both photos and video) have a great power to unburry your memories, And what's the coolest, one day, they will help your child with constructing her own childhood dearest memories. Thanks to these raw and emotional images, turning back to most precious moments with your besties is a pure life's celebration.


You can't keep all of those barely discernible and fleeting "little moments" inside your head.

But you can outsource them and be sure they will be there when you need them. And you will need them. After all, they were foundation for the biggest story you have been writing, for your family story. Story that gives you pride and comforts you. Story you want to remember and share one day. Because what you create matters, and yes... your story matters...

You can forget to brush your teeth one time or two, but if you keep doing that, changes cannot be reversed. Don't loose your trace to family dearest memories and get your little moments ASAP.

Little moments
  • 1,5 h in-home photoshoot
  • 30 photos in in social media resolution
  • 30 photos in high resolution
  • online gallery protected with password
  • minialbum
  • 40 seconds long heart touching video with licesed music.
Little moments
  • 1,5 h in-home photoshoot