Your child’s first birthday is a truly special milestone, marking a significant passage of time. It signifies a full year of shared experiences as a family that, not long ago, welcomed a new member. Yet, since that introduction, so much has transpired – a wealth of joys and an abundance of love. Life’s journey continues, but this moment is an opportunity to pause and celebrate, etching another remarkable point onto life’s map, adding another brick to the story.

Hanging homemade decorations, harmonizing a joyful birthday tune by the little one’s bedside, and the delightful unwrapping of presents, all with the helping hands of her older brothers. The shared breakfast and the moment of extinguishing the magical birthday candle – these are homegrown traditions that lend uniqueness to your family life. Among these traditions, there exists a space for the tenderest of gestures and exchanges of glances. None of these moments would hold the same significance without you and your cherished loved ones.

Reflecting on these cherished moments transports me back to my own first birthday. While I can’t personally recall the details, photographs paint the picture. I see my infant self, bald and dressed in a fancy outfit, blowing out a candle atop a cake adorned with red jelly and whipped cream spelling out “STO LAT.” Beside me stands my mother, the baker of that cake, and numerous others who gathered to celebrate. I see my home, my hometown, a place I departed long ago. And as I glimpse this memory, I recognize it as one of the most distinctive days of my life – my sole and unique first birthday, a time of warmth and splendor. It is my hope that Kenna will one day reflect on her own first birthday in a similar light, through these treasured first birthday photos.

mother and sons cuddle
family celebrating birthday
a happy family black and white photo
swinging horse fun a day in the life
a girl on a swinging horse
a one year old girl withe mama
family at the table
mother's gestures
breakfast together
father and son at the table
curious little girl
birthday little girl
a little girl choosing her first bday candle
a little bday girl staring at her bday candle
blowing out bday candle
blowing out a birthday candle. family of five
brother and sister at the table
reading books to children
playing with children
reading to children