12 januari 2021. A First birthday of Kenna. The first daughter of Jessica and Joep, a little sister to Noud and Morris. It was a rainy, cold day in the middle of the winter. An exact opposite to what was happening that morning within their family.

Your child’s first bd is a very special day and kind of a breakthrough. It means a whole year spent together. A year spent in a family that so “recently” had welcomed a new member. On the other hand, so much has happened since that meeting. So much good, so much love especially. Life goes by but this is a great moment to take a short break and celebrate! This will be another spot on a life’s map worth remembering. Another brick in the story. 

Hanging homemade decoration together, singing at the bed of little bday girl. Unwrapping her birthday present cannot happen without a great help from big brothers. Shared breakfast and than blowing out this magical birthday candle. These are home traditions that make this family life unique. Between them there is enough space for tender gestures and glances to happen. None of them would be the same without You and your loved ones… 

All of this makes me recall the day of my first bday. I can’t remember anything but I know it from photographs. I see little bald me wearing a fancy dress and blowing out a candle on a cake with a red jelly and whiped cream “STO LAT” on . Next to me my mother who made this cake, and many other people who were there for me to celebrate. My home. My hometown I have left long time ago. I see it and realize that was one of the most unique days in my life. My one and only first birthday. Warm and splendid time. And I hope this is how Kenna will recall her first birthday too with these first birthday photos 🙂

mother and sons cuddle
family celebrating birthday
a happy family black and white photo
swinging horse fun a day in the life
a girl on a swinging horse
a one year old girl withe mama
family at the table
mother's gestures
breakfast together
father and son at the table
curious little girl
birthday little girl
a little girl choosing her first bday candle
a little bday girl staring at her bday candle
blowing out bday candle
blowing out a birthday candle. family of five
brother and sister at the table
reading books to children
playing with children
reading to children