A plethora of small moments grace the path, offering themselves readily to engaged and mindful parents. Yet, despite treasuring them deeply, the task of recollecting each one in the future remains an insurmountable feat.

Is there a limit to what can unfold in just 1.5 hours? When you’re a parent raising little ones, the answer is a resounding “no.” Sometimes more happens than you can anticipate, and it’s easy to miss the details. But how much of these fleeting moments can you retain in memory?


According to Hermann Ebbinghaus’ forgetting curve, our memory tends to fade over time. Around 40% of what we learn slips away after just 20 minutes, and a day later, 70% vanishes. Within five days, only a quarter remains.


Even though we forget much of life, we still yearn to remember. One day, when it’s just the two of you again, the quiet house may evoke nostalgia for the time spent with your kids. You’ll want to recall the best memories and those subtle daily moments that often slip away. Thankfully, it’s possible. Through documentary photos and videos, you can preserve these moments and revisit what home and life felt like back then.


This sentiment is shared by Iris and John, parents of Emma and Moos, and it’s a belief I wholeheartedly endorse.