A last day of march. A very first warm days of 2021. The tenth day of Roas life- the third son of Tom and Nicky, a brother to Tygo and Flo. Just a couple days after Tygo's fifth birthday. Another ordinary and wondrous day of life of this beautiful family.

As already experienced parents Nicky and Tom know perfect how precious is this time given us to spend with our children. The time to bring them up, to take care of them and simply to be the part of their childhood.

A documentary family session was perfect for their family as they could just go with the flow and enjoy these first moments as a family of five. This is what I was there for: to celebrate real people and their real life by creating some portraits of the moments. The portraits of a noursing mama, both supportive parents and their happy, cheerful boys jumping on a tatty couch. The portraits that will outsource their memories and somewhere in the future let them look back at the beginning of this mutual adventure.

Needless to say I am still very happy I could be the one who stoped this special moments for them <3